How to Write a Comparative Essay

A comparative essay includes a comparison of at least two points or items. It can also be a comparison between two books or poems from different or even similar authors. When assigned to write a comparative essay, one requires picking two subjects that have significant differences and similarities to compare in a meaningful way. However, the following tips can guide you to produce an A+ comparative essay.

Choose a Topic

To write a good comparative essay, one requires to first choose a good topic that lets you show your writing skills. One can choose a simple topic full of similarities and differences like the comparison between William Wordsworth and William Shakespeare. The writer can also use the instructor’s topic.

Analyze the Topic

Before starting your essay, you need to examine and do some research on the essay topic. One can do some depth analysis of the subjects you are going to compare to understand the underneath truth regarding them. Also, one is also supposed to understand the main idea or the thesis statement to understand which method to utilize to evaluate what you are comparing.

Gather Information

Once you know the main idea of the essay, you require to gather details about what you are comparing. The best thing to do here is to assemble some differences and similarities that you will identify and once you have sufficient ideas, writing your essay will be easy. Also, by doing this, you will be able to understand the criteria you are supposed to use in the comparison.

Develop a Thesis

A thesis statement should state the purpose of your essay. You are supposed to develop a thesis regarding the result you got after your research on the topic. However, your thesis should express your argument based on the nature of the subjects compared.

Structure Your Comparison

In a comparative essay, the writer might choose to organize the essay in a block method or by a point-by-point technique. In the block method, one offers an explanation about one subject, then does the same for the other subject in the same paragraph. This method is suggested to be the best because the readers can understand and acknowledge the points you are proposing because they can see how you typically compare the two subjects.

Begin Writing

Now that the writer is fully prepared with a list of ideas, a thesis statement and the essay structure, it will be easy to start the essay with a brief introduction that establishes the foundation of the two subjects and then focus on the rest of the essay.