King Valley, in Victoria, is the proud home of Prosecco in Australia. The region has everything going for it to create this fresh, bubbly style – elevated slopes, cool evenings, family traditions and some Italian spirit!

Inspired by a childhood growing up in the town of Valdobbiadene, the birthplace of prosecco, Otto Dal Zotto planted the first prosecco vines in the King Valley. Its fresh, crisp, palate proved instantly popular with those seeking a relaxed yet stylish, celebratory drink. Since that first planting, four other King Valley winemakers have followed suit.

All five have joined forces to create an exciting food and wine experience especially for lovers of the sparkling Italian white. Intimate tastings with the makers, savouring rustic Italian cuisine and conversations about the meaning of life over a game of bocce, are all stops along King Valley Prosecco Road.

Brown Brothers

Founded by John Francis Brown in 1889, Brown Brothers is a wine company steeped in family heritage with a history of innovation. In 2009 the family released their first Prosecco, made from King Valley fruit. The cellar door at Milawa hosts Australia’s largest range of varietal wines.

Dal Zotto

Working alongside his sons Michael and Christian, Otto Dal Zotto has become an antipodean pioneer of prosecco, establishing it as a must-have for Australian drinkers of sparkling wines. King Valley prosecco is one of a range of Italian varietal wines produced by the family, including pinot grigio, barbera and sangiovese.


The Pizzini family are passionate about family, friends, food and wine. Alfredo and Katrina built Pizzini Wines based on these passions and a commitment to their Italian heritage. Their vineyards represent a mosaic of Italian varietals carefully planted according to analysis of microclimate and soil types, enriching the winemaking and – ultimately – the experience at the family table.

Sam Miranda

Sam Miranda is a third-generation winemaker continuing his family’s tradition of producing premium wines. Vineyards on the river flats in Oxley and mountain slopes at Myrhee are planted with prosecco, pinot grigio, sangiovese, nebbiolo and arneis, as well as Spanish, French and Russian varieties. The passion for wine might be surpassed only by that for food, or High Country cycling!

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