ALL ferries will depart ‘Man O War Steps’ Sydney Opera House (east).

Departure times will be 30-40 mins before advertised session times. To ensure smooth sailing, please arrive 45 mins before your session start time. That way we can get you on your way to paradise quickly.

Please note: to provide the best experience possible, our departure times are strictly observed and we cannot wait for late-comers. So please ensure that you allow extra travel time on your journey to the Man O War Steps to avoid delays.

Guests will be welcomed aboard the Wine Island ‘Bubbles Boats’ with a glass of bubbles in your own Wine Island tumbler – be sure to keep this as it’s your tasting glass for the day, and beyond.


Cashless Service and Wristbands at WINE ISLAND

Wine Island uses Festival Currency for all transactions on the island. This means that all food and drink purchases along with merch and masterclasses at Wine Island must be paid for using Festival Currency.

No cash transactions are allowed.

  How will it work?

Holidaymakers will receive their wristbands approximately two – four weeks out from the Wine Island festival.  Follow the instructions received with your wristband to activate and upload currency to your wristband so you don’t have to worry about doing this on the island.

Should you choose not to Activate your wristband you may not receive your entitlements.

If you charge money to your wristbands on the island, you will be charged an initial upfront fee of $3.50 so we highly recommend pre event top up.

On the island, you can purchase from our Festival Currency Hut or via roaming currency sellers. Visitors can simply ask an exhibitor or seller to scan their wristband to find out how much credit they have remaining.

What if I don’t use all the Festival Currency on my wristband?

Refunds for unused Festival Currency will be available via the Wine Island website between Monday 13th November from 12pm to Friday 17th November at 5pm (AEDST) only – no refunds will be available after this time. You will need your wristbands RFID number, barcode number and serial number to claim a refund along with contact and bank account details.

Refunds can take up to 14 days to process.

For lost wristbands contact A fee of $25 will apply to replace at the wharf.

Wine Island is a 3 day wine festival taking place on Clark Island, Sydney Harbour, on Friday 10 November – Sunday 12 November, 2017.

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It is. And as such it means that you must be of the legal drinking age of 18+ to attend and no BYO alcohol or food is permitted under any circumstances. Security will be bag checking on the island.

Being an island full of wine, there will be a range of alcoholic beverages available to taste and purchase by the glass and bottle.

Please note: bottles can be taken off the island, if unopened.  NO opened bottles will be allowed on the journey back to Man O War Steps.  We also have a strict no drinking policy on the return ferry which you must adhere to.

  • You can bring along picnic rugs, but no tables or chairs.
  • Please make sure you wear suitable footwear (kick off those heels!) as the island can be rugged in places. Safety and comfort first, right.
  • Bring umbrella, good quality raincoats, gumboots and a sense of adventure in case it rains.
  • Credit card and cash in case you want to purchase Festival Currency on the island to purchase more tastings, glasses or bottles of wine etc.  All exchanges of money is via our Festival Currency sellers who will upload $s to your wristbands. There will be no ATM on the island.
  • Sunscreen, a hat and a smile!
  • Alcohol, non alcoholic drinks – this includes water, juice, soft drinks, sports drinks etc
  • Metal cutlery, including cheese knives. 
  • Food – we have really good food to go with really good wine on the island.
  • Tables & chairs
  • Pets (other than trained assistance animals such as guide dogs)
  • Drugs and illicit substances
  • Weapons

There will be a security check on the island and prohibited items will be confiscated. 

Wine Island does not take any responsibility for confiscated items. 

This is an over 18’s only event.  Leave the kids at home and have a holiday!
Only trained assistance animals such as guide dogs will be allowed onto the Island.
We encourage Resort Wear / Troppo style to get into the spirit!  Best dressed will be rewarded with a prize pack for their efforts and believe us, it’s worth it.

Please note Wine Island is an outdoor event and will proceed rain, hail or (no) shine. The island location can be affected by the weather conditions so come prepared with wet weather gear, raincoats, ponchos and/or umbrellas and a good attitude.

The festival will only be cancelled if the weather conditions become extreme and dangerous on the day of the festival or in the lead up. Please note that an assessment regarding cancellation may be delayed, due to the changeability of weather conditions at this time of the year.

The decision to cancel the festival will be made on festival day. Attendees should check this website AND social media BEFORE departing for the festival for messages on wet weather arrangements.

Media and professional photographers must arrange accreditation through

There will be photography and filming taking place at Wine Island.  If you do not wish to be captured please notify a member of our crew.

First Aid is available on the island. Please ask Security, Event staff or First Aid officers for help. Please consider others as well as your own safety. If someone is in need of medical attention please let Security, Event staff or First Aid know so they can help.  Safety comes first.
No.  Unless you’re a really good swimmer and aren’t afraid of sharks.
Come and see us at the Wine Island hut and we can organise a water taxi for you at your own expense.
Please contact for ALL ticketing enquiries.

Experiencing difficulty ordering your tickets?  Try these troubleshooting suggestions:

  1. Update your browser – download the most recent version of Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome, because our ticketing company is constantly updating their site to make the experience better for their customers and clients and sometimes older browsers have a hard time keeping up and processing orders.  In our experience these internet browsers perform the best with our updated site.
  2. Clear your cache including your browser history and tracking cookies – as you use your internet browser daily to surf the web, many sites force tracking cookies onto your browser to better cater ads to your interests (Facebook, Amazon, etc.). Over time these harmless bits of data can pile up in your browser’s cache and hinder credit card processing on our site. Each browser has the ability to delete these cookies permanently so please check your settings preferences.

If you are still experiencing problems, please contact

All successful purchases will receive a  confirmation email within seconds of a successful transaction. Please check your email’s Spam, Junk or Promotions folder, just in case our email got stuck there (then make sure to mark our email as ‘Not Spam’, so it doesn’t happen again). Alternatively you can log into your Eventopia account and go to your ‘Purchase History’ to view your receipt confirming your successful order.

If your order has been processed successfully it will show in your bank account or credit card statement. Please check these online for confirmation.

All tickets purchased are non-refundable.  Tickets/Wristbands must be treated like cash, if they are lost or stolen there is no recourse for a refund. If the event is cancelled by the promoters, Eventopia will email you explaining this and the card used to make the purchase will be automatically refunded.

You should treat your wristbands like cash and keep them safe until the event as these are your tickets to Wine Island.  We do understand that sometimes items can get misplaced so if you have lost your wristband, please email us at with the last 4 digits of the credit card that you purchased the tickets with so that we can reissue them for you.  Please note that we’re only able to assist the original purchaser of the tickets, not a friend or family member who is helping out.

For lost/misplaced wristbands contact A fee of $25 will apply to replace at the wharf – so try keep your wristbands in a safe and memorable place!

Wine Island has a limited number of tickets and the island’s capacity is strictly capped.  Join the Wine Island membership for pre-sales access to tickets and prepare for the General Public release on September 1.  If tickets are not sold out, we will be selling tickets at the Man O War Steps wharf.
Over the last two years, we have been able to support a number of people with mobility impairments, as well as a range of other medical conditions, to join us on the island. However, due to the limitations of the wharf on Clark island, a permanent accessibility option to allow the use of wheelchairs on the island has not yet been identified and put in place. Therefore, we deal with each person on a case by case scenario so that we can work through your needs and requirements and look at whether we can accommodate these to support you in coming along to the event. If you are able to provide me some additional information this will help us determine whether this may be a possibility – please contact us at
As Clark Island is a National Park there is no smoking allowed anywhere on the island.